Friday, October 9, 2009

In at the deep end

There was once an Emperor who was both vain and a trifle silly. He wore funny clothes and a big funny hat, and he endured for a thousand years.
Then came a little boy who spotted something very peculiar about this Emperor - he was naked.

So, Star Stuff and Nonsense. What's this about then?

Star stuff is the 'secret' our night skies hold and Nonsense is either Nursery Rhymes or religion - one or the other but not both. Which would you put money on for the 'biggest load of Bull' title? Bullshit, by the way, is not what comes out of the animal, which is very useful, if slightly smelly stuff. Our language is far more precise than that, if only we could see it, for bullshit (nonsense, in polite terms) derives from the term Papal Bull, which was a load of...

Amazingly powerful, brainwashing. Truly awesome. Can you imagine clearing 40,000 years of stargazing knowledge and lore from an entire (almost) population? Yet they did it, the Church, they did it with the help of the state and those two devilish laws - Blasphemy and Heresy. Speak the truth and be burned.

And now the Church, having wiped out all opposition, both mental and physical years ago, can play its satanic role unopposed - almost but not quite for that little boy just will not go away.

Nursery rhymes are not nonsense. They wouldn't have survived for so long if they were. Nor are they earth-bound, which is why those who seek earthly explanations will never succeed. The guy who wrote that book on the origins of nursery rhymes needs taking out and shooting for he is doing the devil's work.

Nursery rhymes endured for centuries because they were relevant to each and every generation. How could a rhyme be relevant for so long? Because they are precise tools for learning the night sky. With a bit of practice this is easy to see - literally - anyone can do it. Check out my website to gain an insight. I've been starwatching for 12 years and it is clear our ancestors played with the stars and language in a manner that leaves us, yes us - 21st century homo sapiens - looking like fools. Surprised? Not.

Relocating these lost star pictures (by using rhymes and stories as well as star names) is a joy, the results are truly awesome. And with these pictures it becomes clear that we have been the subjects of a massive spiritual scam. Not only that but we have been deprived of a magnificent night time legacy. Fortunately the latter can prove the former so... is the time to bring that legacy back. Let's start with something famous: the Star of Bethlehem. It is visible now - yes you can see it - it's awesome. Let it be a sign for spiritual freedom.

Rock on and let the party begin!

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